The truth may be defined as that which is Reality, and present human intelligence can make. The approximate approaches to the present Cosmic Real which is measureless in its wisdom and in reach, and so never fully understandable by any finite intellect. It was a wise declaration that Pontius Pilate is alleged to have made when Jesus was brought before him: “What is Truth!”; for a man who knows the truth in fullness would have an active intelligence commensurate with the universe!

There is, however, relative truth, which the human mind can understand, and by this reflection we immediately cut away the bottom from any claim that the theosophical philosophy teaches doctrines, meaning by the term doctrine an unreasoning, blind, and obedient acceptance to the mere voice of authority.

From ancient time, in all people, there has been a current intuition, an intimation, persistent and ever-enduring, that there exists somewhere a body of sublime teaching which can be had by those who qualify to receive it.

Esoteric wisdom reunites all religions, strips all of its outward, human garments, and shows the basis of each to be alike thereupon of every other great religion. It proves that the need of an absolute Divine Principle in nature.

Time and human mind made short work of the purity and philosophy of these teachings, once that they were relocated from the secret and sacred circle.

There can be only one truth, and if we find a formulation of that truth in logical, coherent, and consistent form, obviously we then can understand those portions of it equal to our capacity of Comprehension.
















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What is Consciousness?