Parenting During Pandemic

Parenting is an art. But parenthood is taken for granted by most parents. In the present scenario when parents have to take care of their kids' daily lifestyle as well as their studies. It is a stressful situation for parents too. Their work life balance is getting affected.

But the children, losing their - childhood, their play times, times with their friends, interaction with peers and teachers.

For encouraging their creativity and physical activity levels, parents have to support them and understand them. They can only share their feelings with parents or siblings now.

So it is important that parents should find time for their kids.. To play with them, to learn with them and most importantly to give hugg of warmth and love.

Present generation kids are being too much used to the technological world. Human interface is minimised for them. Only source of human interaction is the family.. It is easy to make them sit for online classes, but to understand them and share valuable time with them should not be difficult. It's the duty of both parents to be involved in it. If it is single parenting, try not to put your burden on the kid.

Here are few tips for better parenting during the Pandemic period.

Happy Parenting

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