There is a thin line between being passive and being aggressive. That is ASSERTIVENESS. Being assertive means being honest about your feelings, your opinions, or even your rights. Most often people fail to do that. We either explode or try to suppress our emotions. For example, if a salesman visit our home to sell an encyclopedia, we may not really need that. But they might try to convince us in all the way possible. There are two chances that happen mostly. Either we conform to them even if we don't need that, or we shut the door at their face and become angry. Rarely are those who say a firm NO to their demand if we don't need that.

This is a quality we should teach kids from an early age. This inability to say NO can put us in troubles especially children. Most of the issues happening around us can be stopped to a great extend with a firm NO.

Being assertive is something we should learn and build in oneself. Read more to know what exactly is assertiveness and why is it important

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