Smartphone addiction during Covid

Smartphones have become an integral part of human race. It is difficult to find someone without a smartphone in any age. Children of 2-3 years old are able to open YouTube or any other app and play videos of their choice on their own.

The pandemic situation turned to be a new normal in our lives. We are quite used to this for the past two years.

Since people have nothing else to do, the activities related to social media has also tremendously increased.

Earlier, children had to plead to their parents for permission to get some screen time or to demand for a new smart phone. Now the parents are struggling to buy smart phones for each child in the family in order to attend classes. The increased screen time has put both children and parents in trouble. Now what happens behind the screen is another question.

However, due to excessive usage right from such young age, has started bringing in physical, psychological and behavioral issues in children and adults.

They are not getting enough sleep, they are not able to manage emotions, not able to socialize directly with people and so on.

Now why does this happen?

Read more to gain an insight regarding the issue.

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