Mental Health

Mental health and physical health are dependent on each other. People spend lot of money for their physical ailments, for the development of their physique etc. But there is always a stigma associated with addressing mental health.

The covid has brought a change to that notion at least to an extend. In Kerala especially the mental health of people affected with the virus and who has to stay in quarantine are taken care of by the government itself. Why because, this pandemic is forcing individuals to adapt and adjust to a new normal across the world. Few are able to do it and many of us are not. People started breaking down because the entire system to which they were used to has started affecting. Here they might need to seek external help. We are getting used to an online environment for studies and for work. The lock down has taught us new lessons. But people tend to get exhausted due to the monotonous activities every single day. Especially for those in quarantine, it is really tough.

Read more to get an understanding on how you can take care of yourself and those around you in this pandemic.

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