How to Manage your Anger

Anger- it is an emotion characterized by hostility toward someone or something you feel has purposefully done you wrong. It can be good at times. It is good to express your emotions in right ways as and when it comes to you. But too much anger can cause problems.

It can cause problems to your-self as well as with others.

There are three main types of anger: Passive Aggression, Open Aggression and Assertive Anger. Assertive anger is the safest of three.

Passive aggression is when people fail to admit that they are angry, people then will become silent even when angry, thinking like everything is fine.

Open aggression on the other hand, people lash out in anger and rage, they become physically and verbally abusive, fights, bulleys, accuse, shouts etc.

Assertive anger is the healthy way to express your anger. They are controlled and confident, talk and listen. They communicate well and care for relationships.

But anger management is often a difficult task. Anger management is a psychological therapeutic program. Here are a few tips for managing your anger.

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