Exam phobia

Be it online or offline the fear of exams still persists. now the situations are changing- CBSE called of 12th standard. Lack of preparation creates anxiety.

It is a very common phenomenon among students especially when an important examination is at their door step. It is extremely disastrous as it affects them psychologically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

In fact, even Albert Einstein suffered from exam fever, and Winston Churchill only managed to write his name when he was appearing for an entrance exam.

When I was in the 9th grade, I skipped my “Maths” paper by pretending to be unwell. Am I proud of it? No. I wish I hadn’t done that, I wish I’d mustered up the courage to at least take the exam, irrespective of its consequences. Why did I do this? Because my dad is a Math genius and the thought of disappointing him made my blood run cold.

Did you know 66% of students admitted that their parents pressurise them for better academic performance? The pressure from non-graduate parents was more compared to parents those were graduates and post graduates.

Although too much pressure is a bad thing, I believe that a little bit of coaxing can be a good thing, as it motivates the students to knuckle down and work hard. But let’s face it, exams can make our stress alarms go off, which can stop students from performing their best. Hence, it’s imperative to address it and get it back under control.

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20 Jun 2021
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