Depression in Children

Depression is not meant for adults alone. The age of onset of depression is considerably decreasing from generation to generation.

Children will be facing issues like bullying from peers, family conflicts, being isolated by others and so on. they may be sad for these issues. Being sad, angry, frustrated are common. But if their sadness persists for more than few days, then it is to be noted. Most often parents or elders neglect their such emotions out of the notion that children will not feel depressed; which is not true.

If not taken care of or attended properly, it might lead to severe other mental disfunctions. It is important that they must get adequate quality time with parents or caretakers to share their feelings, experiences and emotions. They must feel that they are worth for people around them. Depression is becoming one of the major issues of adolescents nowadays. If attended properly in the premature stage itself, it can be cured easily.

Take care of their mental health, let them fly high freely without any emotional burdens.

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